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Concept Nova is a software solutions company that specialises in the development of ERP and HRM (Human Resource Management) software, one of their pioneer  products was a client-server HRM solution called Novasoft. We were contracted to design and coach their developers to upgrade this platform from a desktop client-server environment to a web based enterprise solution.


We reviewed Novasoft's key features and source code, from this we designed a scalable  enterprise architecture for the solution. We  created an Agile based project plan plan that built up the functional blocks and modules per iteration cycle required to upgrade the solution from a client-server platform to an enterprise one. We took the existing skill-set of their developers into account and incorporated the necessary training programs on Object Orientated and SDP methodologies into the bi-weekly scrum cycle.


This ensured that as progress went along the skill-set of the developers increased and more advanced modular functionality was capable of being being implemented. Consequently we were able to coach the team to deploy the solution on time for their primary customers. This platform eventually went on to be one of Concept Nova most successful products.

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February 24, 2015


Concept Nova

Skills: UML, C#, MS SQL

Skills: UML, C#, MS SQL

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